**This is a work in progress, new collection locations are added to this guide as they are located, feel free to contribute more locations by adding a comment**

This guide lists potential spawning points of collections. Make sure to visit all of them. Add a comment to confirm you have found a collection in that spot and which one.

Little Bohemia

Braniac Incursion Area: Roof of Damaged Building. screen1|screen2|map
Roof of building SW of Metropolis General Hospital screen1|screen2|map
Queensland Boardwalk: South of Arc/Sign, on ruined ramp. screen|map
Outside Ice Cream Shop on promenade in SE edge of map screen|map
SE part of map, SW of Metropolis U, two buildings south of Pizzeria screen|map
SE part of map, SW of Metropolis U, roof of building south of pizzeria screen|map


Manheim's Chinese Theatre, in outside corridor. screen1|screen2|map
NE of the Chinese Magic Shop, roof of hotel, near water tank screen|map
One block west of Chinatown Nightclub, easter edge, near wall screen|map

Collections List

Brainiac War
Braniac Analyzer Datamatrix (2/10)
Braniac Electrode Datamatrix (4/10)
Braniac Eradicator Drone Datamatrix (9/10)

Gold Quality Boostercoms
Staggbery Phone in Smoky Black (2/5)

Mana-Twisted Plants
Bloodseeker Vine (1/5)

Metropolis Matchups
S.T.A.R. Labs Matchbook (1/8)

Metropolis Street Signs
Topaz Lane (4/6)

Metropolis University
Metropolis Eagles Jersey (1/4)
Metropolis U Yearbook (2/4)
Met U Varsity Jacket (4/4)

Signs of the Great Ten
Tablet of the Celestial Archer (3/10)

Sorcerous Vanguard
Magnet's Rune (1/7)